Wednesday, 21 October 2015

4th Eden on front cover of Gonzo Weekly

For the very first time, 4th Eden not only get an interview in a magazine but by-jingo by-crikey he's on the front page!

So with the help of Steve Rider, we went out to Hartland in North Devon to do the photo-shoot. Firstly, at the folly and then to the standing stone the other side of the valley.

Martin talks the Jon about the new album, 'Pictures On A Soundscape' and what inspired since his 'Organik Refektion' EP.

Jon describes the album as a rare patch of wasteland somewhere between the lush gardens of Brian Eno, and the experimental playground of Cornelius Cardew.

I guess that means he likes it!

4th Eden goes all soundscapy

4th Eden (aka Martin Eve) has finally released his second album called 'Pictures On A Soundscape'. Written over the past three years this collection of nine tracks takes you on a journey through an electronic landscape.

With contributions from Soundcloud chums, Graham Lavallin and Christian Granquist, this album is very different from album no 1, Infinity.

All production, mixing and mastering took place in his home studio in North Devon over the summer in between his 2nd year and 3rd year college course.

It can be purchased at all major download sites and a physical CD is expected by the end of the year.