Sunday, 7 February 2016

A new CD Single from 4th Eden. Is this a breath of fresh air?

So some much needed musical delights at last from the 4th Eden camp.
The new CD single is called 'Our Last Breath' is a collaboration with Stargrace and Lamara-Marie Graham.

The CD single consists of 3 tracks:

1. Our Last Breath (Radio Edit)
2. Our Last Breath (Original)
3. Our Last Breath (Annihilation Mix)

Martin states' Well I wrote the main body of the music to begin with but I've been told that the lyrics are written from the perspective of the last human alive in an alternate dark future, where for humanity the breath is a distant memory. Phew! Well I didn't get it so you'll have to use your imagination!"

He also comments" the influences for original track came from us watching 'The World's End' movie back in 2013. It was great to hear "The Sisters Of Mercy's - This Corrosion" in this comedy about robots!! So I wanted to make my own goth take on it with choirs and a few robots sounds! The girls then communicated through cyberspace and came up with the lyrics. I left them to it and hey presto, OUR LAST BREATH was born!"

The main architecture of the song was written back in 2013. The lyrics and wonderful vocals of the two ladies followed.

For a while it was just the original version that existed. However, there was an extra section composed which made into a dance track not too dissimilar to Chicane. These became the Radio Edit and the Annihilation Mix.

The single is available as a limited physical CD through Wyrd Records and it can also be downloaded through Bandcamp.